Who we are

Corpoema, the Corporation for Energy and the Environment, is a pioneering organization committed to promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Founded in 2009, our mission is to promote the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future in all economic sectors, working together with public and private sector entities and partners.

Our multidisciplinary team of young and passionate professionals includes experts in engineering, economics, administration, and social and environmental management.

We proudly offer customized and cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of our clients, including consulting services, project audits, technical studies, training and public policy formulation.


We are promoting energy development and environmental sustainability in all economic activities, contributing to the mitigation of climate change through studies, programs and projects, with our multidisciplinary and international team that constantly ensures a high-quality standard.


By the year 2030, we want to position ourselves as a reference organization in the global South through leadership and knowledge transfer in the energy and environmental fields, participation in the energy transition, and the generation of tools and solutions that promote non-conventional renewable energy sources, contributing to environmental sustainability

Our team


Over the years, we have developed a solid network of partnerships with public entities, multilateral organizations, international cooperation agencies and private companies, allowing us to maximize our impact in building a greener and more prosperous energy future for the region.

With every one of our projects, we contribute to a just and sustainable energy transition