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Sustainable Rural Energization Plan -PERS- Caquetá

In the development of this consultancy contract signed with Patrimonio Natural Fondo para la Biodiversidad y Áreas Protegidas, the first phase of the Sustainable Rural Energization Plan-PERS for the department of Caquetá was developed, in which the socioeconomic characterization of Caquetá was carried out with emphasis on energy access, deforestation and unsatisfied basic needs of households; the characterization of the energy demand; the projection of the energy demand and, a prioritization model was developed (methodology, selection criteria and score assignment) that was designed and implemented for the identified projects according to the contexts and the condition of the benefited populations, prioritizing those that were considered feasible and that responded to the energy needs of the department.

Energy managementRenewable energiesSustainable rural development
Departament of Caquetá
Natural Heritage - Biodiversity and Protected Areas Fund, Vision Amazonia