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Energy Cities

The Energy City initiative seeks to improve the quality of energy management in Colombian municipalities, promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency as tools to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development.
The municipalities selected for the program were: Fusagasugá, Montería and Pasto. An energy diagnosis was prepared for each municipality, a local energy strategy was developed, and training and workshops were held to develop capacities and raise awareness of the “Energy City” management tool for municipalities.

The Energy City initiative is a management tool for municipalities to improve energy planning through the implementation of specific energy efficiency projects and the use of non-conventional renewable energy sources. The tool is based on a communal energy certification system with the same name and is based on a methodological framework.

In Colombia, the Energy City Initiative is a joint collaboration between the Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME) and the Swiss Embassy’s Economic Cooperation and Development Program (SECO). The execution of the initiative’s activities is carried out by the Implementing Agency (IA), with CORPOEMA as the Colombian counterpart.
The initiative provides support to three Colombian pilot cities (Montería, Pasto and Fusagasugá) to support energy planning, the implementation of priority actions and the monitoring of the results and impacts achieved, while becoming examples for the development of an energy city tool adapted to the Colombian context. To ensure the sustainability of local processes, the initiative also supports the establishment and training of local teams, and provides support for information, communication and awareness raising of local partners on the issues associated with the energy city tool.

More information: http://www.ciudadenergetica.co/es/sala-de-prensa/

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