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Energy Management






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We design strategies and offer integral solutions for our public and private sector beneficiaries, seeking to contribute to the fulfillment of national and regional government energy policy objectives. We cover aspects such as energy efficiency, management of renewable energy sources, energy planning and sustainable construction.

Energy efficiency

We provide strategic advice to governments and businesses to support energy planning, implementation of policy guidelines and mandatory energy efficiency measures, and promotion of best practices for efficient energy management.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Energy efficiency in the public and private sector
  • Energy assessments
  • Energy labeling
  • Energy characterizations
  • Training and promotion of measures that contribute to the efficient use of resources

Renewable energies

Corpoema also works in the development and integration of renewable energies, such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass. We build tailor-made solutions for our clients, including the design and implementation of renewable energy generation systems, as well as advice on the adoption of best practices and appropriate technologies for each case.

  • Feasibility of renewable energy projects
  • Energy regulation and policy
  • Technical designs, implementation and sustainability models
  • Capacity building and promotion of measures that contribute to the efficient use of the systems

Sustainable construction

Corpoema offers advice and integrated solutions for sustainable construction, including the design and implementation of energy and environmentally efficient buildings, evaluation of sustainable materials and technological innovation. We develop solutions with social impact.

  • Technical design, implementation and sustainability modeling
  • Digital modeling and simulation for energy, climate and environmental analysis in buildings
  • Integration of energy and climate objectives in urban planning documents of regional governments


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Our energy management related projects

With every one of our projects, we contribute to a just and sustainable energy transition